Assistive Technology Training


We provide personalised one-to-one Assistive Technology (AT) training nationwide, to help promote independent working for employees and students.

Our AT Trainers play a pivotal role in providing specialised assistance and training services:
  • They deliver one-to-one training on specified assistive technology, ensuring that employees and students have access to and can effectively utilise these tools.
  • They leverage their understanding of various learning styles and preferences to deliver customised training sessions that cater to the individual needs of each person.
  • The training provided is specifically tailored to address the unique learning requirements of each person, aiming to enhance their overall performance.
  • Our trainers make sure that the training is directly relevant to the context of the person’s needs, with software features demonstrated through specific examples related to their requirements.
  • Furthermore, our AT Trainers actively encourage and support each person in using the recommended assistive technology, empowering them to enhance their independent learning or working skills and excel in their performance.

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