Specialist Study Skills Support

The role of Study Skills support workers involves providing assistance to help individuals explore and develop various strategies. These strategies encompass:
  • Initiating assignments, which may involve breaking down complex assignment questions into manageable tasks.
  • Enhancing assignment planning and structuring techniques for more organised and effective academic work.
  • Improving academic writing skills, including critical, analytical, and reflective writing techniques.
  • Developing efficient reading strategies to better manage reading requirements and comprehension.
  • Implementing effective note-taking and research techniques for academic research and study.
  • Offering valuable guidance on time management and organisational strategies to enhance productivity and task management.
  • Assisting in exam revision and oral presentation strategies to boost information recall and overall academic performance.
  • Ensuring the use of effective citation and referencing strategies to maintain academic integrity.
  • Enhancing spelling, grammar, and punctuation skills, along with providing helpful proofreading and editing techniques for polished and error-free academic work.


Bespoke Inclusive Support is committed to delivering a quality-assured service. Our dedicated staff comprises highly qualified individuals who are deeply passionate about their role in supporting students with disabilities. They take a proactive approach to planning and reviewing each student’s progress throughout the academic year.

Furthermore, our team prioritises the well-being of both students and support workers. We maintain regular check-ins with each student and their respective support worker to ensure that everyone involved is content with the support they are receiving. This commitment to quality and ongoing communication underscores our dedication to fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

Discover how to support and empower your students with neurodivergent or disability conditions and become stronger, confident, more productive individuals in the process.

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If you’re an assessor, disability advisor, or student support advisor at a university, get in touch at contact@bespokeinclusivesupport.co.uk or +44 7956 352730 to find out more about how BIS works to support neurodiverse student in higher education.

Get in touch

Contact us at contact@bespokeinclusivesupport.co.uk or +44 7956 352730 to find out more
about how BIS works to support neurodiverse people in the workplace and education.